What does
inspire me
for this Translusence collection?

My goals and expectations are always high


My models

My models from the Translusence collection are inspired by my style and my experience. I like to be elegant and at the same time have the possibility to change my clothing according to the occasion.


My style

My models for the sea can also be central elements to give a special touch to a skirt or trousers

Una foto tratta dalla campagna NYFW



Next year will be loaded with positive meanings for my project, we are in touch with many new features coming



The name of my Translusence 2020 collection is rather eloquent, transparency will be the theme of our models all characterized by femininity and good taste

Il modello Kimona un elemento della mia linea molto sexi e femmnile perfetto anche per indossare con jeans

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One of my favorite article white and sexi like a woman classy